Garage Door Springs Repair

Residential garage door springs repair Burlington needs are quickly taken care of by our local business. We are specialists in both types of home springs and able to service all branded springs found in Ontario. Our company offers local emergency spring services, which range from adjustments and repairs to replacements and installations. All spring services are extremely important since these parts determine the movement of the door and the level of your safety. Burlington Garage Door Repair is well-equipped to fix springs and ready to offer immediate assistance to local residents.Garage Door Springs Repair Burlington

Our professional advice is to avoid engaging in garage door spring repairs on your own. Spring power, which is so useful for the door’s proper movement, can cause serious accidents. Our company offers quick services at competitive prices, and you can trust the experience of our technicians.

These are our spring services

Are you wondering why you need our help with your Burlington garage door springs repair needs? This is a short list of what we can do for you when it comes to your springs.

*Spring repair – our service might be casual and simply include the inspection of the springs’ condition and possibly their lubrication. It usually includes spring adjustment since the power of springs is lost after a few months of daily usage.

* Garage door spring replacement – you will need our help whether the spring is already broken or not. In either case, we respond as fast as possible. We often recommend to our customers in Burlington to replace their springs before their lifespan date expires. This way, you avoid possible sudden snapping which might lead to severe injuries.

Broken spring repair is also offered fast. It’s definitely harder to measure springs, which are already broken, but you can rely on our experience.

* New torsion and extension springs installation – the installation of new springs presupposes that you have chosen the right new spring or springs. The power of the springs must be equal to the weight of the existing door. Sometimes, we have to install more than one spring.

In any case, our customers can be sure that we have the tools to take care of extension and torsion spring repair services and can depend on our fast help.

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